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March 12, 2013

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

March 12, 2013

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Quincy Punx: Kill Yourself: Live at Gilman 8-5-95
02 False Liberty: Robbing Yourself: Silence is Consent...
03 Brutal Knights: Living By Yourself: Living by Yourself
04 Not Afraid: Be Yourself: Be Yourself
05 Juggling Jugulars: Feed Yourself: Juggling Jugulars/Anger of Bacterias
06 Career Suicide: Keep To Yourself: Attempted Suicide
07 Get Rad: Call Yourself Dead: I Can Always Live
08 Chaotix: Judge for Yourself: Broraden Your Horizons
09 Extortion: Do It Yourself: Extortion
10 Bjelke-Petersen Youth: Boldly Go (Fuck Yourself): Bjelke-Petersen Youth
11 Dealbreaker: Fuck Yourself: Pissed
12 Charles Bronson: What the Fuck Are You Gonna Do When Its Cool to Be Yourself?: Complete Discocrappy
13 Punch: Do It Yourself: Nothing Lasts
14 Fuck on the Beach: Innocent Yourself: Fuck on the Beach/Merda
15 Toxic Holocaust: Fighting Against Yourself: Radiation Sickness
16 Bone Awl: Make For Yourself A Last Vision: Night's Middle
17 Backstabbers Incorporated: You Brought This On Yourself: Kamikaze Missions
18 Mönster: Disillusion Starts Within Yourself: Chainbreaker/Mönster
19 Lycanthrophy: Don't Trust Them, Trust Yourself: Lycanthrophy
20 Warhead: For Yourself: この想いを何処へ…
21 Mindflair: Only for Yourself: Green Bakery
22 Shank: Glasgow And Fuck Yourself: Coded Messages In Slowed Down Songs
23 S.O.B: Rise Above Yourself: Vicious World
24 OSK: Arm Yourself: Roskopp/OSK
25 Dropdead: Do You Choose Life?/Deliver Yourself: Dropdead
26 Admiral Angry: Kill Yourself: Buster
27 GAZ-66 Intrusion: Begin with Yourself: Death Tomorrow
28 Haymaker: Find Yourself: Fucked Up/Haymaker
29 Agathocles: Suicide - Don't Kill Yourself!: Agathocles/Unholy Grave
30 Hard to Swallow: Copy Yourself: Protected by the Ejaculation of Serpents
31 SMG: You Make Yourself a Cow: The Tumor-Less Feast
32 Diseksa: Go Fuck Yourself Eat Shit And Die: Comp Against Censorshit
33 Kent Brockman: Legal for Yourself: Crustcore Violence
34 Sylvester Staline: Unity... Go Fuck Yourself: Free Power Violence!!!
35 Drudge: Suit Yourself: Agathocles/Drudge
36 R.A.M.B.O.: Do It Yourself Or Do It With Friends: Bring It!
37 Spazz: Hug Yourself: Spazz/Rupture
38 Vehemence: Torture Yourself: Vehemence Demo
39 Alpinist: Amuse Yourself to Death: Minus.Mensch

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