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January 08, 2013

Playlist Escobar
by golfregion

January 8, 2013

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Iamdisease: Bregovi Deroče Reke: Iamdisease
02 Population Reduction: Hash Smoking Grind Freaks: Each Birth a New Disaster
03 Asshammer: Civilized Remaines: Asshammer/Suffering Mind
04 Rotting Palms: Fuck It: Worthless Demo
05 Slump: Graumonster: Slump/Life Ends
06 Half Gorilla: Lipstick On A Pig: Graceless Beasts
07 Goosebumps: Mad Problems: I Hate My Body
08 Cloud Rat: Parachute: Cloud Rat/Republic of Dreams
09 Lurker: Pinched Nerve: Lurker Demo
10 Vöetsek: 3 Headed Goat: Thrash Yourself And Fuck The Rest
11 Masakari: Always Restrictions: Fight Back
12 Snakes: Thin the Herd: Waking Up And Decomposing
13 Suspect: Crawl to the End: Suspect
14 Derelyction: Dead End Life: Destination: Extinction
15 Martyr's Tongue: Exist to Suffer: Exist To Suffer
16 Pick Your Side: More Cops More Crime: Let Me Show You How Democracy Works
17 Bastard Deceiver: Sick Nature: Normal Life Provides Nothing
18 DxIxE: U.G.H.: DxIxE/Realized
19 Trenchfoot: Mr. Cellophane: Trenchfoot
20 Kids: 500 Buck$: Kids
21 Haut&Court: Colision: La Vie
22 Kabul Golf Club: 5 Minutes 2 Midnight: Le Bal Du Rat Mort
23 Rad Company: Roadkill: Thrashpop
24 Over the Top: Beerbong My Bike: Another Wrong/Over the Top
25 Satan: Green Street Terrors: Lt. Dan/Satan/Violent Gorge/Pizza Hi-Five
26 Final Draft: Prism Of Hate: West World Order
27 Motherboy: Entertainment News: Filthy Human
28 Dealbreaker: Fuck Yourself: Pissed
29 Closet Burner: Apathy: Closet Burner
30 Pizza Hi-Five: Consistently Creepy Murderous Motorist: Lt. Dan/Satan/Violent Gorge/Pizza Hi-Five
31 Let It Die: Self Interest As The Engine Of Progress: Let It Die
32 Dismachine: Jävla Purjon: Dismachine/Cumbrage
33 Crazy Spirit: Little Boots: Crazy Spirit LP
34 Displague: Mort: Displague
35 Hookerspitwindex: Pho-Life: Thought We Were Friends
36 Life Ends: Offener Vollzug: Slump/Life Ends
37 Hatred Surge: Like Rats: Purgatory
38 Filthy Charity: Destroy!: Return to the Bloody Old Vein
39 Diavolo Rosso: Verreck' doch: Never Follow...
40 Lifes Halt: Two Words: Start Something
41 Cumbrage: Älä Maraja: Dismachine/Cumbrage
42 Suffering Mind: Miłosierny: Asshammer/Suffering Mind
43 Powercup: Pablo Emilio Escobar: Powercup/Pizza Hi-Five
44 The Love Below: Xanax Pinata: Every Tongue Shall Caress

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